live fast, die young, be wild and have fun

oh, what an ocean, what a world on the big blue seas, you can change it all if you want to

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im nicole, im a scorpio and a full time dreamer. I like books, caffeine, art, travelling, tattoo's, facial hair, music, getting drunk, sex, fashion, summer, food, nature, kissing and watching movies. I reblog things i find beautiful and/or inspire me.
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Nothin’ but a goth thang by jewishforeskin featuring vintage high waisted shortsBlack crop shirt / UNIF zip jacket / Vintage leopard coat / One Teaspoon  / American Eagle Outfitters wireless bra / Panty / Vintage high waisted shorts / Spike platform shoes / NYX leather sandals / Satchel handbag / Mixology NYC star jewelry / YIN gothic jewelry / Topshop  / Stud cuff bracelet / Gathering Eye skull ring, $14 / ASOS metal ring, $6.15 / Moscot  / Topshop  / MAC Cosmetics lip stick / Thick false eyelash / Petco Leather Dog Collar in Black with Metal Spikes / Lascivious Christy Leather Effect Suspender / Fake Tattoos Citty Hearts Fake Tatto, $11 / PSYCHO PATCH
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