live fast, die young, be wild and have fun

oh, what an ocean, what a world on the big blue seas, you can change it all if you want to

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im nicole and i like books, caffeine, art, travelling, tattoo's, facial hair, music, getting drunk, sex, fashion, summer, food, nature, kissing and watching movies. I'm also madly in love with Ben. I'm an absolute weirdo tbh but you should talk to me
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Nothin’ but a goth thang by jewishforeskin featuring vintage high waisted shortsBlack crop shirt / UNIF zip jacket / Vintage leopard coat / One Teaspoon  / American Eagle Outfitters wireless bra / Panty / Vintage high waisted shorts / Spike platform shoes / NYX leather sandals / Satchel handbag / Mixology NYC star jewelry / YIN gothic jewelry / Topshop  / Stud cuff bracelet / Gathering Eye skull ring, $14 / ASOS metal ring, $6.15 / Moscot  / Topshop  / MAC Cosmetics lip stick / Thick false eyelash / Petco Leather Dog Collar in Black with Metal Spikes / Lascivious Christy Leather Effect Suspender / Fake Tattoos Citty Hearts Fake Tatto, $11 / PSYCHO PATCH
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